about an hour later (in thought)

June 17, 2010

About an hour after i posted the last entry, I realized that I won’t be able to do it next summer anyway. I’m supposed to go to Europe with the Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and I don’t want to pass that trip up. It is cheaper than DCI, and it allows me to work in the other parts of the summer including the band camps I work at.

I’m a little upset by this, but I’ll give over it… It’ll probably just turn into an obsession, going to the finals every year… or at least a DCI event every year… later in life, but I’m ok with that.


Drum Corps International

June 16, 2010

Me: have you ever heard of DCI?
Xiao: *inquizative look* no?
Me: I have a dvd.

and that was how it started this time.

I love watching DCI videos and haven’t gone longer than about 2 hours without getting back on youtube to watch some more, or pulling out one of the three years of dvds that i have.

I’ve wanted to do drum corp since i was in high school, and the chance of it is becoming more and more slim, because next summer is the last year that i’m young enough to do the world class corps.

just watching some of the videos and reading stuff written by members started to make me tear up

i have to find a way to do it next summer, have to

Hospital visit part 2

June 15, 2010

This post is brought to you from megan’s iPod touch in a room at genesis hospital in grand blanc.

It seems like the people in my family always get the strange kinds of sicknesses. Perfect example, Megan is currently in the hospital with an infection in the same same family as MRSA, officially diagnosed as cellulitis. The infection was noticed on Sunday and continued to spread until this morning, two days of hospitalization and six rounds of IV antibiotics later. Though, for some reason I’m not that bored sitting here in the hospital with her.

June 12, 2010

do you ever hear of people having kids and think “oh god! they are producing offspring?!? what is going to happen to the world?”

well, i do

I love surprises

June 3, 2010

We surprised Charlie for his birthday. Liz came and got me and drove me back to jackson. We decorated the house and bought him gifts and then invited him over. It was great

Save big money at menards (is a very catchy jingle)

May 28, 2010

I made money the last three days, and that is definitely a good thing.

The goal is to have enough money to pay tuition without taking out a loan, and I think I’ll come pretty close to it by working with dad on and off and three band camps.

I need a haircut real bad, I can feel the heat getting trapped up there and it’s driving me crazy.

I really enjoy dragon age. If you liked Oblivion or KOTOR you should definitely try it.

at it again

May 24, 2010

I’ve been attempting to write a blog entry every day now for at least a week. The problem is that when i get done with it, I look at it and think it’s stupid, save it as a draft, then come back the next day and erase 2/3 or more of it. So here are the highlights.

Of significant mention is the new option to check when posting on wordpress, “this post is super-awesome”

I’m almost afraid to check this, because who knows what will happen.

I’ve been having dreams lately, which is weird, because normally on the medicine I’m on I don’t remember dreaming at all. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much about them at all, which is normal, I think, I usually just have an image and a feeling to go with it left in memory.

I like having a pageturner, it makes me feel professional.

Having a kidney stone sucks, that’s all about that.

I find myself wanting time to myself a lot this summer, so much so that I have turned down offers to get out of the house, though honestly, most of those offers have come at very inconvenient times, like today, when we only have two cars working and mom and dad have them used already.

I think that’s all for now, it’s scattered, and possibly stupid but there it is.

btw, this post is not super-awesome and is not checked super-awesome either.